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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Still Here

I am still here.  Just been busy and without much to talk about.  We had a death in the family last week and that has kept me distracted.

The neck is healing well.  It's been dry feeling and scabbing so the wound itself is itchy.  Still no word on the additional pathology.  I 'm not worried about it and feel it can wait until my April follow up appointment.

The baby front is slow moving of course.  As you know, we aren't trying too hard right now.  May will be the big month for us.  Maybe by then all of these medical bills will be gone.  Anyway, I am expecting AF to appear any moment now and if she doesn't then I'm going to start getting excited that maybe, just maybe we did it on our own.  We shall see. I'll keep you posted.

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