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Friday, February 17, 2012

Upcoming Neck Dissection Surgery

A little bit about the surgery I am having.  This one is for those weak stomachs out there that don't want to see any surgery!

And for those that can handle it (this isn't the exact same surgery, but the same procedure)...

This one is more related.

I am starting to get nervous.  I have had surgery before, but minor stuff like tonsils and gallbladder.  Eeek!  Surgery is next Wednesday.  I am starting to have weird nightmares.  I am not normally so scardey cat.  It might be awhile before I am back on here to update you depending on how I feel.  Wish me luck!

Oh, and the Lymph Node Lump has a new name created by my son.. Lumph


  1. Hi - here from LFCA. Really sorry you're dealing with the lump and the uncertainty around it. I'm glad you'll get a more thorough biopsy with the dissection soon. Hoping for you that it is nothing.

    Hoping this won't apply to you, but for now, tuck it away. I had hodgkin's lymphoma that presented as a neck lump 13 years ago and was successfully treated. Fingers crossed that yours is benign but down the line if you need it or want it, I'd be happy to email or answer any questions. FWIW, I think waiting for answers is far scarier than any reality that this turns out to be. Hoping you will get some answers (and good ones) very, very soon!


  2. Here from LFCA. Good luck for your surgery, and fingers crossed for everything to be alright afterwards!

  3. Thanks everyone! I'm anxious to have this over with already. Ready to get back to baby making!