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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Surgery Tomorrow

Thank God this will be over tomorrow.  Yeah, there will be recovery, but I am just so over this Lumph!  I keep thinking that maybe God didn't let us get pregnant because this was going to happen.  So we should be good to have a baby after this is over.

This weekend has been crazy.  Family is visiting from all over.  My son broke his arm Friday after school (first broken bone, 1000th ER visit).  While babysitting our nephew, he woke up crying in horrible pain so we took him to the ER Saturday morning. Turns out he has a distended bladder.  Oh Sweet Jesus!  What is next?!?!?!?

Nothing.  Peace and quiet is next.  Please?

Oh, did I forget to mention that I am having surgery tomorrow and of course, I get my period late yesterday.  It's a week late.  Last week I kept saying to myself, either I'll get really lucky and it won't come until after the surgery or Mother Nature will play a cruel joke on me and it will come head on right before surgery.  If ever there is uncertainty, just pick the worst case scenario.

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